320 DGC

At a Glance

In the Hirlekar Precision Model 320 DGC, the movement of the diaphragm is converted into appropriate calibrated rotary movement of the pointer through a magnetic connection. This type of diaphragm model is used in applications where no migration of the media from high pressure side (HP) to low pressure side (LP) is permitted.


Accuracy ±5% of the FSD (Ascending)
Migration Zero Migration from high to low port
Range 0-0.075 to 0-4 bar
0-1 to 0-60 psi
Sensing element Diaphragm
Wetted Parts Diaphragm, body material, SS 302 spring & ceramic magnet
Case Material Stainless steel (SS 304), Engineering Polymer
Dial size Inch: 2, 2.5
mm: 50, 63
Mounting 2 M6 mounting holes
Maximum working pressure 70 bar / 1000 psi
Maximum process temperature 80°C/ 175°F
Body material Aluminum, Brass & SS 316
Seals/ Diaphragm Buna-N, Viton & EPDM
Window Standard: Float glass
Optional: Toughened glass, acrylic & safety glass
Connection Standard: 1/8” NPT(F)
Porting Standard: Bottom
Optional: Rear
Over range protection Up to the max. working pressure from high side only.
Protection for gauge & switch IP 65 / NEMA-4
Dial Marking Color bands only
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